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Coaching Programme

Auditing Service


One 2 One Coaching 


Our coaching programme supports our online programme with a 4 month consultation service to assist with the implementation of the Online Programme, which will consist of one day a month visit

to the business to assist on the implementation of their action plans, coaching support for key staff and reporting on monthly achievements.



Our auditing service will allow us to get a clear picture of the current status of your business green key performance indicators, and the opportunities your business might have to reduce your utilities cost (energy, waste and water), reduce your carbon footprint and become a greener property.

The service includes for one of our consultant to spend ½ a day to a full day at your property, reviewing the energy, waste and water systems you currently have implemented.

After the initial visit, your assigned consultant will work on producing your business Green KPI’s, compiling a report of recommendations that is tailored to your business, and advice on the potential savings that can be achieved.

The service also includes FREE access to our “Become a Green Leader at your Workplace” Online Programme, which will teach your Green Manager how to monitor your Green KPI’s into the future.


We run workshops for individual clients as well as mixed groups in set locations, consisting of 1/2 day sessions to train employees and key staff in the three different disciplines of sustainability, waste reduction, water usage and energy usage.

Workshops for our 'Know you Numbers - Become a Green Leader' module are also available.