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How to ensure your hospitality business green program is successful

You have heard that Greening your hotel or restaurant can bring you more exposure, more clients and more profits. This much is true.

You also know that the Green Wave is real, and your customers will soon demand sustainable practices from your business. I firmly believe this will happen.

You would like to run a green business, but the learning curve seems so steep, you are busy as it is and you think it is going to cost you a fortune to get there. You are wrong in this one.

An issue of time

Greening your Hotel or Restaurant is easier than you think, and it does not have to cost you a fortune, in fact, I can prove to you that it is the opposite, it might end up saving you money. As for the amount of time you have in your hands? Well yes, the Hospitality industry is a fast paced industry, but ask yourself something:

If your accountant told you in the morning someone is stealing money from your till, would you prioritize finding out who it is so you can stop it over other items in your agenda? I know I would!

What most business owners don’t realise, is that if you don’t have control of your business utilities, your energy, your water and waste. You are more than likely paying more than you need to. Reducing your utilities, will reduce your bills. Simple.

Spending time to control your utilities, learning what it is your business really needs to operate and ensuring you only use what is necessary, is, for me, the first step towards running a greener business, reducing your Carbon footprint and saving yourself some money in the process.

Your best chance of success

So what are the first steps you can take TODAY to start your business Green Journey?

· First of all, the business owner or general manager needs to be fully behind this. If you don’t believe greening your business is a good thing, the rest of your team wont believe it either. It is your responsibility to implement a green mind-set across your team. If you believe it, you will achieve it.

· Choose a Green Manager within your team. Someone that is trust worthy and driven. Someone that has an interest in this area perhaps, or someone that regardless of their believes loves a new challenge.

· Give your Green Manager the task to form a Green Team that involves heads of department and staff from all areas at your business.

· Hold your first Green Meeting. Ask your team what the next 12 months vision is, what is it that you would like to achieve. Find out what areas of your business can be improved, is waste production an issue at your business? Perhaps it is the use of single use plastics? Or energy and water? Your team know your business the best. By listening to their concerns, and concentrating on what they think is important first, they will feel their opinion is valued, and they will make a bigger effort to ensure you reach your goals.

So now you have a Green Team, and a Green Manager, and you believe you can make this happen. You now have the best chance to run a Greener business!

If you want to find out how to select a winning Green Team, download our report HERE with tips on motivation & selection of your team.

Or if you want to find out more about greening your hotel or restaurant, you can schedule a discovery call with Hamish Sherlock HERE.

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