Meet the team...

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Raquel Noboa

Raquel Started her own Green Journey at Hotel Doolin, in Ireland. She was working there as the Sales & Marketing manager in 2012 when the Hotel decided to start a Green Hospitality programme and Raquel was chosen as the new Hotel Green Manager. Within 2 years implementing Raquel’s green actions, they reduced their Energy by 30%, waste by 40% and water by 25%. They also won every win award in Ireland and she positioned the Hotel as a leader in the Sustainable travel market.

“This is when the idea started forming in my head, if I could achieve those results at Hotel Doolin, how about teaching others how to get started just like I did? And that’s how Fifty Shades Greener was born.”


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Hamish Sherlock

Hamish heads up the Fifty Shades Greener team for the South U.K region. Having come into the world of environmentalism from catering and events, he brings a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry through working in hotels, pubs, and catering companies from an early age. The last ten years have seen Hamish running his own Event Management agency servicing private and corporate clients in the UK and abroad.

After many years of frustration at the lack of knowledge and available resources within the hospitality industry to inspire and guide businesses towards a more sustainable model when there is clearly such a need for it, he decided to do something about it. The Eureka moment was finding Raquel and seeing the great work she has done in Ireland, and from there Fifty Shades Greener South was born. Using Raquel’s unique teaching, guidance and proven methods of changing the industry one business at a time, Hamish is on a mission to bring the Fifty Shades Greener method to as many people as possible. 

“I love our industry, the level of service we all strive towards to give other people unforgettable experiences inspires me every day. And

 now, having seen so many of my peers and colleagues crying out for the right guidance and know-how to implement tangible change, I’m so pleased to be a part of greening our great industry.”

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