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Fifty Shades Greener South is the UK southern license of Fifty Shades Greener, the leading sustainability consultancy to the hospitality industry in Ireland founded by Raquel Noboa, now operating in the U.K. and around the world.

Fifty Shades Greener has taken the industry by storm, our practical and easily implemented methods produce results time and time again. This is why Fifty Shades Greener has won multiple industry awards as well as recently becoming the sole sustainability training tool for The Education Training Board for Ireland to all hospitality firms in Ireland.

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Why go 50 Shades Greener...?

Contrary to the perception of many business owners, we firmly believe that Greening a business will not only reduce its Carbon Footprint, but it will also reduce their Utility bills, therefore saving money directly off the bottom line of a business.

Through experience and specific qualifications hospitality industry professionals can learn to how to run a successful business but very few of us ever learn how to run the actual building that the business sits in!  Aside from wages, Energy, Water and Waste account for the biggest expenses over the calendar year, so you would think we would give it more emphasis, but this can often come low on the list of priorities behind all the other elements required to perfect customer service and guest experience.  However, by reducing your energy consumption by just 10%, the economic savings can be huge.  If you don't believe us, get all your energy bills for last year and add them up. Now imagine you could take back just 10% of that. Worth it? 


The 50 Shades Greener Programme assumes you do not know anything about running a green business.  It is the starting point for anyone looking to improve the management of their resources. By itself, it will not save the world or the polar bears but it is a stepping stone towards green certification programmes and it is an easy -to-follow guide that everyone can apply to their business.


Society is changing, and sustainability in the industry is now a must. The Hospitality Industry needs to align itself to the values of their customers. Greening your Hotel or Restaurant is easier than you think, it will give you more exposure, more clients and in turn - more profit.

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How can we help?

Our approach to greening and sustainability is different to what other Green programmes might offer, with training based on simple actions that will reduce the use of Energy, Water and Waste in a business, a festival or a community group.

We believe in small wins, and going at your own pace, because Greening should not make people jump through hoops, it is about knowing the environmentally sound options that are available, and applying those actions that make sense to each business. Starting small, getting the big wins, and then looking at possible investment projects to become even greener.


Our Green Business Programme is a multi-platform model making it adaptable to your requirements and budget. Through our online programme which can be adapted into stand alone courses, our face to face training which can be utilised by groups or individuals, or our continuous consultancy service - we can guide you from the first steps of sustainability to the giant leaps.

Local Authority Support

Fifty Shades Greener is cooperating with local authorities and governments to support the hospitality industry. We are working in partnership with the Irish Government through the Education Training Boards to deliver educational programmes on environmental sustainability aimed at businesses and communities.
We are now extending our support to Local Authorities in the UK.


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